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Friday, February 24, 2012

Laundry softener- part 1.

Who doesn't love super soft fluffy towels and sheets?  You like your clothes to be nice and comfy right?  Well, here's a way to save on laundry softener.

Before you get daunted, this is labeled part 1 because there are TONS of recipes out there.  I'm going to show you a natural and a non-natural.  this is the non-natural, and FTR, I do use both.  I DO NOT USE THESE ON CLOTH DIAPERS!  they will no longer be absorbent and will ruin the diaper.

You read my faux-breze tutorial using downy (or your fav fab softener).  This uses the same thing- you already have it!

it is a 1-4 part ratio.  You'll also need:
1 medium sized container with a lid to hold everything.
6-10 6x6 pieces of flannel- I pink the edges to prevent fraying.
1 part fab. softener
4 parts water.  -I used the cap for liquid measurements.

mix the liquid in the container and add the flannel- let them saturate and soak over night.  throw 1 rag in for smaller loads 2 in for larger loads into your dryer and add the clothes.  no need to ring them out first, but I wouldn't pour extra softener in, just let them drain back into the container before tossing in.

Once everything is dry, put the flannel dryer sheets back in your liquid-  TADA!  Super easy, saves you a TON of money and clothes smell fabulous!



  1. Can I use washcloths instead of flannel?

    1. Absolutely! I would ring that out first though.