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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Floor Cleaners

Not all floor cleaners are created the same.

Most on the market now are chock FULL of chemicals that you wouldn't bathe your children in and yet the ones that are little are on the floors touching it, putting things in their mouths that have touched it, etc.  We are not thinking about what is really on our floors and what we're putting in our bodies.

So, you all know I'm all about natural cleaners, but I'm also about saving money.

Here's two floor recipes that you'll just LOVE to use- and TOTALLY natural.  BEST part:  if you re-use your swiffers, you can easily refill the container, OR you can put it in a spray bottle and do the same thing, OR you can use it with a steam mop for a little extra boost.

Floor cleaner for linoleum, tile, non-hardwood floors:
1/4 c. vinegar
2 cups HOT water.

mix together and use like you would either a spray or your swiffer refill.  and when the mixture cools, that's ok too!  just keep using until gone.  I like to start off with hot water just because.  No rhyme or reason, I just like it!

Floor cleaner for sealed hardwood floors:
same as above, except add 1T olive oil.  shake each time you spray because the oil WILL separate from the water/vinegar mix.

Please note, I am not responsible for you using anything on your floors.  These are just suggestions and NOT my responsibility for your home. :)  With that being said, it's sad that that has to be said because I'm sure someone somewhere would destroy their floors and then come after me as if I were the ones who twisted their arms to do it, or they'd do the recipe wrong and then come blaming me.  no thank you- anything listed on here is absolutely your creation, I am just the one giving you the idea to do it, you're the one doing it yourself.

Hope they work for you, the vinegar/water one works for me in my bathroom and kitchen.  Otherwise, my home has carpeting.

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