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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to get rid of your stuff in 3 easy steps.

I have been a self-proclaimed hoarder.  Well, not so much a hoarder as someone who just "likes" her stuff.  Now I have come to terms with letting go with a lot of things I loved but it wasn't enough.  Our orders to PA got cancelled (and I won't go into why just know it's not our fault, but someone who lied and tried to ruin my husband's career).  so now we're moving to Alabama.  Right after the twins are born.

Did I mention I'm on bedrest?  Oh yeah- I'm supposed to pack up a house from the "comfort" of my tush.  sigh.

So here's now to declutter your stuff in 3 easy steps.

You will need:
1 large kitchen trashcan (with extra bags)
1 large give-away box
1 laundry basket.
1 kitchen timer set for 15-30 minutes at a time.

pick up your first item and answer these questions:
1- have you used it in the past year?  SERIOUSLY, have you USED it in the past year?  if yes and you love it, it's a keeper; dust it off and put it back.  if it's no, is it still usable?  yes- give away box, no- trash.
2- Do I LOVE this item?
3- am I holding onto this because it was given to me and I'll have guilt if I get rid of it?
4- am I holding onto this only because I feel I've paid too much and giving/throwing it away will cause me guilt?
5- is it usable?  (if so, see question 1)
6- does it work with my decor?
7- does this hold sentimental value
8- do I have room for it?

now the answers to these questions and where things go are like this:
1-  yes- proceed to number 2.  no- see number 5-  yes- give away, no- trash.
2- yes- proceed to number 6.  No- see number 5- yes- give away  no- trash
3- yes- proceed to number 5.  Yes- proceed to number 6*-  no, trash.   *yes- go to #8.  no- give away box.
4- (follow steps for question 3)
(5 and 6 are pretty self explanatory.  if you haven't figured out where it should go, it most likely belongs in the give-away box.)
7- if yes- repeat question 1. if no, repeat question 2.
8- if yes, and all the other questions apply that you "need" then it's a keeper.  if no- then decide to give away or trash it.

This is a HARD thing to do.  Getting rid of your "stuff" can seriously be nervewracking!  this is why so many people have a hard time letting things go, but do NOT allow yourself to be bogged down in guilt!  Guilt over what? Is the person who gave that item to you going to never speak to you again if they're alive?  Are you seriously going to be shunned?  Is that item the actual person, or are you holding onto it for the memories you have of that person?  Will a picture NOT provide you with the same sentiments?

I hope this helped and if you have any questions, I'm always here to answer them!

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