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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Carpet Stains? No More!!!

Yes.  I have found the HOLY GRAIL of getting your carpet clean?  And all for the low low price of....... NADA!  That's right ladies (and gents) for zero, zip, zilch and nothing, you can get those red stains out of your carpet for good?    Sound too good to be true?

it's not!

No really, it's not.

Here's what you'll need and how I did it:

water (and lots of it!)
iron on steam
white wash cloth
bucket of water.

(btw, you're going to want water, just in case I haven't mentioned that.)

Step 1:
Pour the water on a small part of the red stain (after all, you're working on a washcloth, and a small iron).

Step 2:
place 1 layer of damp, white washcloth on top of water.  Why white?  So you can see it when the stain starts coming off.

Step 3:
place iron hot side down, on full-blast steam on washcloth over top of the stain and water.

step 4:
wait.  No really. wait.  AAAAAND wait some more.    You want to keep the heat and steam pouring into your carpet.  This will lift that stain out.  No, it doesn't actually set in the stain (disclaimer:  check on an inconspicuous part of your carpet first, or on a sample so as not to ruin your carpet, though I really don't think it will...).  Keep the iron on there until the red shows up on the washcloth.

Rinse washcloth and repeat until all the stain is gone!

Voila- FREE!!!  Smart and Savvy!  You can't get better than free!

Word of warning:  don't be stupid.  Don't let your small children (or large ones!) play with your area that you're working on.  Keep pets away and Don't walk away from your iron.  I'm not responsible for what you choose to do; with our without common sense.

(I'll post a video of how I did it when I get a chance.  I'm still trying to figure out Windows 8- the bane of my computer existence).