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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Even faster way to make laundry soap.

Ok, so after my 6 month supply of powder ran out today (has it been 6 months?!  this stuff lasts for ever- considering I have a family of 7!)  I needed to make more.

My homemade soap to the rescue- I had 3 bars of the good-smelling soap that I made specifically for laundry.  WOOHOO!  score.  Ok, so I grated that up.  They had cured for about 6 months, but were still moist inside.  (the sign of a good homemade bar)  Unfortunately not so good for shredding up for laundry.

No problem.  I grated it and then put it in my food processor- awesome right?  wrong.  It balled up instead of grating to a fine powder.  le sigh.

Ok, so what to do... lightbulb moment!

Put it back in to the food processor with my borax and washing soda powder and process that way.  Voila!  Smooth as a baby's bottom.  Well, not really but it is MUCH finer and doesn't leave chunks in the laundry soap the way it used to.  The powder covers the little soap granules so it doesn't stick to itself and is able to be cut smaller (and be covered with more powder) and so on...  Live and learn, huh?  Oh it used to take me about an hour to get exactly how much laundry detergent I needed; now it took me 8 minutes from start to finish; and that was WITH the figuring out of the powder with the soap.

Oh, this chica is a happy camper and laundry is getting done!