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Friday, July 2, 2010

Great source for getting your home in order.

There are literally thousands of sites you can "google" (when did that word become a verb?) that will tell you how to clean your house, but let's face it- we KNOW how to clean, we just get overwhelmed on where to start.

Well, I've been a "flybaby" for years.  What is a flybaby?  It's someone who follows  If you have 15 minutes at a time, you can do pretty much anything, and the BEST part, SSHD's, her advice is FREE!  She does have a shop that's open and I very much want to purchase things from her shop like the rubba series stuff but that comes later, after you've established your routines.

for example, did you know it makes a difference if you get dressed to your shoes every day?  it does!  you are more "prepared" for the day.  You are more willing to work if your shoes are on, and your makeup done.  "crap, I need to run to the mailbox?!  but I don't have a bra on..."  no more.

anyway, I HIGHLY encourage you to check the lady out.  Marla Ciley- I want to personally thank you for not only saving my sanity and home, but for making me a stronger, more productive (and in turn), more valuable woman!  I want to share my knowledge and recipes, and money-saving tips with all women, and flylady, you have so graciously given us this knowledge free.