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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sometimes, and investment is worth it.

I'm going to talk a little girly here.  Well, the subject is about an investment, however the topic of the subject is makeup.  huh?  what?  trust me on this.  I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Okay, so my foundation alone costs around $45.  it has, however, lasted me 2 years.  It's a mineral powder foundation and I have to tell you- I put makeup on nearly every day, and it's lasted.  assume I put makeup on 300 out of 365 days a year.  this foundation has lasted me 2 years.  so... 600 days.  600 divided by 45 is around 13 cents a day.  Now, I still have 1/2 a container left of this particular foundation.  which means, my $45 investment will cost me when I'm done, about 6.5 cents a makeup application.

Now, what do I mean by all of this?  Well, 1- 10 cents a day to make up your face (I'm including other makeup like mascara and eyeliner/shadow, lipstick etc) will do a WORLD of wonder for your attitude, and 2- sometimes paying more in the beginning for something long-term.  It's always cheaper to pay for 6 months of car insurance than per month; even cheaper to buy the year in advance.

Most of you know I'm a cloth diaper mama.  Well, I will be as soon as my stash is back up.  In fact, I only have a few more covers to make and I'll be off the disposables permanently.  (unless he gets really sick or something.)  Well, CDing costs on average $3300 less than using disposables.  It's an investment that pays off in the long-run.

What investments are you staring at lately? 

Saving my sanity, one dish at a time.

So, my most vile, hated, loathed, abominated and despised chore is doing the dishes.  It wouldn't be half as bad if I had a working dishwasher.  sigh.  I don't, unfortunately.  well, it technically works, it just leaves sand and grit all over the "clean" dishes.  Don't know about you- but drinking oj and sandpaper... not my cup of tea. 

I am saving my sanity though.  After just having a baby 3 weeks ago on 1/14/11, I have let a few things slide, like cleaning, and laundry, and sanity.  I think that my sanity disappears easily because not only do I home school, nurse a newborn and run a home, I also do odd crafting jobs for money.  I'm currently working on wedding invitations and favors for a friend- I know, I'm awesome.  I'm exhausted, but I"m awesome.

Anyhoo- I have found a way to save some sanity, as well as some money while doing dishes.  I have to use a "special" soap for dishes because my hands break out with just about everything.  Litterally, they blister and crack and ache for days.  Well, I don't know about you, but I use my hands to do darn near everything.  You want to know what it is?

It's my household miracle product.  Baking soda.  Add 1-2T to your water before you add the soap.  GUESS waht lasts longer?  yup, the soapy suds AND it also helps to soften your hands!  aaah, no more blisters (yay sanity!) and less soap used!  (yay, wallet!)   Not to mention it has this uncanny ability to take out weird smells, so if you have some plastic wear, like rubbermaid, tupperware, or even glad containers, it helps to take out the accumulative funky odors out of it!

I love baking soda. :)