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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

asthma and saving money.

***before you read this, PLEASE check with your doctor to see if this could be right for you***

well, my asthma medication is putting a HUGE dent in my pocketbook. $350 JUST for the controller medicine, not the emergency inhaler which is $68.90 (the cheapest I've found it, in country) monthly over 418.50 a month, NOT to mention doctor's checkups, plus- well I'm focusing here strictly on 418.50.

There are SO many herbs out there to use as medicine. As a Christian, I fully believe that God put plants on the earth for our medicinal use, and the native americans have used them for many years so there is something to them.

I was diagnosed with severe asthma 2 years ago and have been on advair ever since. I have given a lot of thought into this, and conventional medicine and chemicals just aren't for me.

my most pressing problem was the asthma, so I found ways to combat it naturally.

lobelia tincture (available in most natural herb stores) in hot chamomile tea. Now, this is the only thing

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