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Monday, December 19, 2011

oatmeal bath.

My sweet son (11 months old) is getting over a diaper rash.  Regardless of how often we changed him, he just got a monumental diaper rash.  Now I cloth diaper (mainly for economical reasons) and it's not typical for him to get a rash, but this one was a doosy!  (how's that for a 50's word?!)

Daddy to the rescue.  He bought Aveeno oatmeal bath.  I remember this from when I was a kid and had chicken pox.  I don't remember it doing much for that ridiculous itch, but I do remember that it had softening and drying properties.  So, twice a day he got a bath... until it got expensive.  What's a SSHDiva to do?  OH wait!  (insert theme song and internet here...)  MAKE some colloidal oatmeal!  (or as my daughter used to call it- oat-ma-neal)

Wait, what makes it so special?!  Colloidal oatmeal is basically oatmeal ground so fine that it is suspended in liquid, instead of globbing to the bottom like regular oatmeal in a bowl.  It's just the consistency.

So, I broke out my baby bullet (yes, I bought one, and used it for my son like 6 times; he decided he didn't want to eat baby food, he's decided solids are more his style.  From boob to solids.  Awesome, huh?)  anyway, put on the grinder (not the blender blade) and blended several cups of oatmeal into a powder similar to oat flour.

Tada!  store in a mason jar in the bathroom on the shelf above the toilet and voila!  His diaper rash cleared up  (also used desitin, but I really think that the oatmeal helped immensely!)

Oh, for a fabulous mask for oily skin, I use this.  1T-2T oatmeal and honey until a thick paste.  Spread on cleaned face and let sit.  Rinse off, using as a scrub also.  Super soft skin= yay!!

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