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Monday, December 12, 2011

Crock pot cooking!

I have been compiling some crock pot recipes.  A few of my favorites are pot roast, stuffed cabbage, chicken burritos, soup, pork butt, meatballs in sauce.. the list goes on and on.  If you're not familiar with your crock pot, or you don't have one, may I suggest you get one and learn to love this little convenient appliance?

When I first got one for my first marriage 11 years ago, I had NO CLUE how to use it.  It's become my favorite little gadget in the kitchen, particularly when I'm pregnant, and KNOW I'll be tired that day.  Not to mention, for all of you working Divas out there, you know that you'd LOVE to come home to a home cooked meal that you prepared that you didn't really have to do anything for.  I mean, throw the ingredients in that morning (or even the night before, and keep them in the fridge and just start it when you get up in the morning!) and you're good to go.

My biggest brainfart on this is not plugging in the pot and not realizing that.  Yeah, I've done that.  it's not the highlight of my day, but you remember to make sure it's plugged in next time, trust me! LOL!

Here's my recipe for potroast: (for reference, T= tablespoon, t= teaspoon)
1 beef roast- FROZEN!
1 bag of stew vegetables (bag of carrots and potatoes)
2T onion powder,
2T garlic powder
2 t of kosher salt
1 T italian seasoning

Put frozen roast in crockpot, and arrange frozen veggies around it.  fill with water until about 2/3 full.  Add the seasonings and put on lid.  (make sure pot is plugged in) and turn on High.  Cook for several hours until done.

more crock pot cooking to come!

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