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Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm going all 50's housewife!

So, for those of you who know me, (ha!  both of my subscribers... :/  not even my husband is subscribed.  awesome, huh?)  know I have a penchant for most things retro.  Well, I've been doing research on how to be a "better" wife, and most people seem to think that the 50's quintessential wife is the out-dated suppressed, exploding to scrub a toilet kind of woman.

I've been reading Jen but not Jenn's blog on being an experimental 50's housewife and She seemed to have the idea before I did, but I also wanted to do an experiment.  HOWEVER I will not be serving 50's style food... for the most part.  Casseroles were a HUGE part of the 50's, so yeah, I"ll be doing that, but the gelatin not so much.

I am already a sewer and a crafter and someone who likes to cook, so I will be blogging about my experiences there.  What will be interesting is while I'm of a general 50's mentality (serve your man) I was brought up in a very feminist liberal household.  This is a COMPLETE 180 from where I was brought up.  I just love it though.  The simplicity of the time, with all the modern conveniences of today.  (I'm NOT giving up my mixer, and my dishwasher leaves grit over everything I'll have to hand wash them.  ugh.)

So, included in this experiment will be my nightly ritual of removing my makeup, and pin curling my hair.  I may even take some pictures for you.  Being pregnant, I don't have very many retro clothes, but I do have some that I can perk up.  But, since I DO sew, I will be making myself some more skirts, and finding some button down shirts that will fit, tailoring them to my body (or hopefully finding them big enough to fit my ever expanding belly of twins at places like motherhood maternity or some other place rather cheaply).  I'm also going to be making myself several aprons.  Both tea aprons (just from the waist down) and some more klutz-friendly aprons that will help protect my clothes better.  (I'm trying for something a little better than full-body tarp here, though that would help me!)

Ok, well I'm going to head off for now.  BUT, I will let  you know that I'm going to be giving up internet except for this blog and my emails which I will be calling people back unless I absolutely can't.  (I have international friends and family, but no international calling plan.)

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