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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you know how much it's costing you?!

This is for all those moms in diapers.  well, not the moms but their precious little ones.  From birth to potty training, it costs around $3600.00 in diapers!  Yes, that was THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED!   This is based around 5-6 diaper changes a day until potty training, and believe me when I tell you- some kids aren't that quick of a study!  Ready to faint now mama?  Well, if you're not- but you're all about the environment just know each of those diapers takes around 500 years to decompose!  (I have NO clue how they came upw ith that, just know they did.)  No to mention the byproducts of bleaching those diapers and how the chemicals sit on your baby's skin.  I was shocked, because this information while available on the internet should be told more often by diaper companies!  Then again, what company wants to put on their product:  this product may lead to infertility when your angel grows up...  But I digress. what it actually costs to cloth diaper- around $500... unless you make them yourself!  (feel free to buy them from me though, if you don't have the time- shamless plug for Cheeky Monkey Diapers.  check me out on facebook!! cheeky monkey on facebook!)

Let me talk to you for a second- is 2 extra loads of laundry a week worth you saving on average $3100?  it sure was to me!  Add to that I make my own laundry soap (check out my first few blogs it's in there somewhere- I'll insert the link when I'm done writing this.) so it quite litterally costs me only .02 cents a load.  I will do 2 extra loads of diapers and accessories a week to prevent spending a fortune!

now there are so many other benefits to cloth diapering, like less rashes, less skin irritation, chemical free, etc.  I encourage you to look them up!  If you're interested in purchasing, you can always email me on FB or go to for it. :)

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