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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want to be a better homemaker!

I've decided that during the last few months of my pregnancy, this preggo project will be becoming a better homemaker.  I so desperately want to be like those of the 30's - the 50's who put their families first, had dinner made by the time their husband walked in the door, all laundry was done, dishes were non-existant, and not a fleck of dust was anywhere on their furniture, and they seemed to have leisure time for their pet projects.  Their houses were immaculate as were their families, and they seemed to never been rushed or harried in any way.

I SO want to learn the secrets of these amazingly enviable women!  For a few years, I have been studying the book Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl, and that has helped my relationship and my mentality in my marriage is now incredible!  I HIGHLY recommend the book, and yes it will piss you off.  it did me, but when I examined myself I realized that I was in the wrong.  Some things I had issues with I am still dealing with, but that's between me and God.

So, back to being the home maker.  It's more than being "just" a housewife, though I promise there are times that we all feel like "just" a housewife, and that's ok.  Every time we wash yet another dish, or change yet another diaper, or yet another round of our dust/vac routine, we honor God.  In the mundane, boring, irritating things we do, we bless our family and honor God.

My goal over the next 3 months (before the baby is due) is to do all of those things WITH joy and in love for my family!  I want to find joy in doing the mundane, and while I realize that goes completely against what society would have us do, I want to honor my husband and my children. 

Now, I'm a home school mom, and I own a business making cloth diapers.  Add to that I volunteer at my church (albeit lightly), am my hubby's help-meet, and I'm in the throwes of growing a complex human being.  I will be blogging (hopefully) 2-3x a week about what I did, and what I plan on doing for the next day.

Wish me luck! :)

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