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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings.

Hello Y'all!  2014 is here- can you believe it?  I know, I say that every year.

What are your "resolutions"?  What do you resolve to do?  This isn't something I take lightly, though many people tend to say "what's the point?  I'll fail anyway."

When you resolve to do something, it's something you commit to in your spirit, mind, and body.  Like your marriage- you resolve to make it work, or raising your children- you resolve to give them the best care possible.

This year, I am wholeheartedly committed to my home and my family.  I have several things that I have cut out that are time wasters.

School- This seems like a "big" thing to cut, and something that many people would look down on for cutting, but my school was a very high-demand school that I couldn't devote the proper time to and continue to be a good wife and mother.  Why would I waste my time and money when I'm going to only devote a small portion of what should be a large portion of my focus?  Not to mention, I feel guilty every time I take the focus away from my husband, children and house (in that order).  Not to mention being pregnant with baby #6, I need some more time for myself to rest.  I didn't quite get that

Facebook- So many things can become addictive.  While I wasn't addicted, I did spend hours on this time-waster a day.  That's time that was graciously given to me that I will never get back.  Today is day 6 in not touching it.  I have no "withdraws", no need to get on it and check what other people are saying, and truthfully with some of the friends I had on there, I saw nothing but negativity each day.  Toward the end, it reminded me of the parable that Jesus told about the foxes and the vines; how little foxes would come in and steal the good fruit off the vine, and eventually there was no good fruit left.  If the Bible says "you will know them by their fruit", what does it say when you have no fruit left???  Bye bye, Facebook!

Lack of schedule- this is a HUGE one for me.  I tend to leave things until the last minute.  I so DESPERATELY want to be a better organizer of both my time and my home.  Well, since my strength is working off of a list because I can see and remember what I need to do better, I can make a master list and work off of it.  Flylady is good for that with her control binder; and my adaptation of that for me.  I now have everything in my daily planner and if it's not in there, it doesn't get done.

SAYING NO!-  this is a HUGE one for me.  I want to do everything for everyone and I burn out easily.  My friends see it.  My family sees it.  The problem is I'm just beginning to see it, when I should have seen it years ago.  I don't want to let anyone down, and always feel a responsibility to others, so I say yes.  "yes, I can make 14 dozen cupcakes... by tomorrow."  "yes, I can sew costumes for the church play.... in a week."  "sure, you need a scout fundraiser planned... and it has to be done and implemented in a month?  ok."  Heather- STOP!  There are other people who can pick up the slack and do what is needed.  WHAT is your priority?

Finally: Procrastinating. Putting things off.  What is easier, quick wash and rinse of that plate and fork or letting all the dishes pile up until you have nothing to make dinner on?  no brainer.  The things we put off until tomorrow that can be done while we have the energy and time today- should be something that we focus on and take care of.

So, what am I doing for myself?
  • I am setting routines in place; this includes taking care of myself!  I have resolved to have a relaxing hot bath at night daily- at least until the baby arrives.  I'll modify it afterward if I need to.
  • I am utilizing my planner and daily tasks list.
  • I am focusing on what is truly important- my husband, my children and my house.  These three things will fluctuate in their specific needs and quantity of time, but they are always my primary focus.
  • I am loving myself by saying "no" on occasion.  It's okay to do it, and I won't let anyone make me feel guilty for it.
  • I'm changing my eating and exercising lifestyle.  I'm not "dieting" at all anymore.  I am going back to raw vegan.  I miss it, I felt so. much. better on it, and I'm adding DDP Yoga (after the baby is born for that one).
What do you RESOLVE to do this year?  What have you decided to commit yourself to?

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