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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dog bed for > $10!

Everyone knows I'm frugal.  I actually pride myself on getting the best deal even on things I make to make them extra super cheap.

We just recently got a dog.  His name is beau.  (isn't he cute?)   I made that bed.  I bought that fabric and one in blue intending to make hats, mittens and scarves out of them for my older two children.. about 3 years ago.  After a year, the price on it is null and void in my mind because it's costing me more in storage space than it does in usage, so I used that fabric for "free".  Honestly it was about a yard and a half-2 yards I REALLY don't remember.

Anyhoo, everyone knows how to drive, right?  Well, sewing is something like that.  You press the pedal and the machine makes the fabric go forward (has to do with feed dogs and the presser foot- technical terms you don't need right this second or for this post) and you steer with your hands.

With your right sides and edges together, you sew around the 3 that aren't the folded over side, leaving a gap big enough to get your hand through.  turn it right side out.  Stuff with 2 bags of polyfil (any craft store should have this) and smoosh it into place how you like it. Turn the open edge into itself where the poly fill is and sew up the edge.  TADA!

this project cost around $6.00, where normally a "large" dog bed.would cost around $45.  Oh, and if you count the cost of the fabric, as I bought it on a clearance, it costs around $2.00 a yard, so a yard and a half, made about $9.00 total.

Now, THAT is Smart and Savvy!

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