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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dishwasher rinse aids

If you use their product your dishes wll sparkle and shine and water spots will be beaten into submission and afraid to appear on your glasses.  And such a bargain, at only $4.00 a thing, right?


1 simple household ingredient that (if you read my blog) you have in your house will take care of it!  Want to know what it is?  I betcha do.

Here it is:

Wait for it-

White vinegar.  TADA!  Fill that rinse pocket full and wash your dishes until your heart's content!  That's it, seriously!

Try it.  My dishes have never been more super-sparkly, unicorn glitter friendly!  Shining like diamonds in the sun, or some other analogy they come up with.

Oh, did I mention it costs  you less than a penny?  No really, you need to fill it up somewhere around 3 times to make a penny.  BOOYAH!  How's THAT for a bargain?

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